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Helium bound for Solana as community favors proposal

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The Helium network is set to deploy on the Solana blockchain as 81% of its community voted in favor of HIP 70, an improvement proposal for operational efficiency and better user experience.

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Fast facts

  • The proposal will move Helium’s proof-of-coverage algorithm and data transfer accounting to oracles to remove reliance on internal blockchain operations and expand its ecosystem on Solana.
  • Oracles serve a key role in compiling off-chain data and relaying it to blockchain smart contracts.
  • The move is expected to enhance mining rewards, improve network performance and give access to Solana-based decentralized apps (dApps) and utilities using Helium tokens.
  • On Tuesday, Helium creator Nova Labs announced Helium Mobile in a partnership with T-Mobile to provide low-cost mobile subscription plans enabling users to earn Solana-based MOBILE tokens.
  • MOBILE tokens can be converted into HNT tokens to access Helium’s decentralized wireless mobile network which includes nearly 1 million hotspots and 4,500 5G networks.

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