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Wemade appeals against the court ruling in favor of WEMIX delisting

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South Korean blockchain game maker Wemade Co. filed an immediate appeal on Tuesday against the court’s Dec. 7 decision that rejected the developer’s request to disallow four of the nation’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges from delisting its native cryptocurrency, WEMIX, according to local media reports.

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Fast facts

  • According to South Korean law, an immediate appeal allows a complaint to be filed to a lower court within a week from a court decision.
  • In November, Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit, decided to delist WEMIX from their platforms, citing misreported token circulation data. 
  • The game company filed injunctions against the exchanges, which were dismissed by a Seoul court last week. WEMIX was subsequently removed from the four platforms on Dec. 8, and the company’s shares and cryptocurrency values plunged.  
  • Wemade has repeatedly claimed that the four exchanges abused their powers to delist WEMIX without providing proper guidelines for token issuers.
  • Wemade has since listed WEMIX on GDAC, another local crypto exchange that only serves token-to-token transactions unlike the four fully licensed platforms that also allows crypto-to-fiat on and off-ramps. 
  • The game company has also announced that it will buyback and burn US$10 million worth of WEMIX in an attempt to recover the token’s plunged value.
  • Wemade, established in 2000, found success in adopting blockchain technology to its line of video games such as play-to-earn MMORPG game MIR4 Global, which had over 1.4 million concurrent users last year. MIR4 Global allows players to swap in-game earnings into WEMIX tokens.

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