Samsung T7 Shield 4TB is Now Available

Samsung T7 Shield 4TB is Now Available

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Samsung today had some exciting news on the solid-state drive (SSD) front.

The company announced the availability of the T7 Shield 4TB Portable SSD, which first came out in April 2022 with 1TB and 2TB versions.

In many cases, 2TB is plenty for a portable drive, but more is always better. The new capacity means you can bring double the amount of data on the go.

The Samsung T7 Shield 4TB is only available in black.

Samsung T7 Shield 4TB: Larger but the same in and out

Despite the new storage space, the 4TB T7 Shield remains the same as previous versions inside and out.

The new drive features USB-C with USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps), capable of delivering up to 1000MB/s of copy speed. To put things in perspective, you’d still need over an hour at this speed to fill it up.

It sports Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard that helps it perform at peak, even during prolonged operation, without slowing down to avoid overheating.

The portable SSD is also IP65-certified rugged. It’s shock-resistant from drops of up to 10 feet (3 m) and dustproof and water-resistant. To keep your data safe from prying eyes, the T7 Shield supports AES 256-bit encryption.

And like previous lesser-capacity versions, the 4TB T7 Shield is also compatible with Android smartphones, besides PCs, Macs, and game consoles.

Magician software now heads built-in drive-cloning capability

The second piece of SSD-related news is together with the 4TB T7 Shield, Samsung also announced an upcoming version Magician application — the popular Dashboard software that manages Samsung’s both internal and external SSDs — that include drive-cloning capability.

Up to now, Data Migration has been a separate piece of software, or you had to use a third-party tool such as Macrium Reflect. The new version of Samsung Magician will pack all things SSDs into a single application.

Availability and pricing

Samsung says the new T7 Shield 4TB portable SSD is available now — it comes only in black — with the suggested retail price of $429.99. The new Samsung Magician software, a free download, is slated to be released in February.

To learn more about the new drive, check out my in-depth review of its previous model. Below is the quick rating.


Fast performance, compact and rugged design

Hardware encryption with effective password protection


The Android app is a joke

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